New draft, new set of comments.  I expect they’ll go something like this:

Not 100% sure the whole God-thing is working.

Four decent books out of five really isn’t bad going at all.

Oh. Now that you explain it, it makes sense.

On consideration, maybe the last draft was better.

Nevermind.  We’ll rerelease How I Live Now when the film comes out.


8 thoughts on “Paranoid thought bubbles.

  1. Ellie 9 years ago

    i think you’re being a tinsy bit harsh on yourself.
    weren’t you liking it just a few weeks ago?

  2. bookwitch 9 years ago

    This situation can be sorted easily by asking us to test-read and see what we think. All the teasing however…

  3. Clara Gillow Clark 9 years ago

    I love that your bubbles look like fleecy clouds. I’m with bookwitch. I vote for a test read.

  4. Kathryn Evans 9 years ago

    Is somehow reassuring to know you hit this moment with an ms as well….

  5. Lesley Martin 9 years ago

    Is there really going to be a film of How I Live Now? Not sure if I could bear to watch it because I love the book so much and a film can’t possibly do it justice. I haven’t seen the film of The Time Traveler’s Wife for just that reason…

    1. Meg 9 years ago

      There really is going to be a film, probably out sometime towards the end of next year. I’ll let you know what I think of it before it comes out, but the team making it (director, producers, etc) are fantastic. So I have high hopes.

    2. Lesley Martin 9 years ago

      Oh wow! Well, if you approve I’m sure I will. I think I have to think of it as a separate entity to the book, which was what I did for the Golden Compass – I didn’t think of it as the film of Northern Lights but as a thing in itself.

  6. angela cerrito 9 years ago

    Is he talking about going to Russia again? I think you need to give ur ms a great big kiss and make up!

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