The thing about writing a book is that it’s pretty relentless. When you’re pretending to talk to people, you’re writing; when you’re walking the dog, you’re writing; when you’re wasting time on Facebook, you’re still writing. The comedian Ade Edmondson said that the exhausting thing about being a comic is that you can’t watch a sunset without trying to think up a joke about it.


Once I start a new book I won’t be able to relax until it’s finished, so I’m not in a huge hurry to jump back on that particular merry-go-round. At the moment I mostly wander around the house trying to remember what people do who aren’t writing books. My daughter says I’m cranky (nothing to do with the number of wet towels on her bedroom floor). I’m reading lots of books, but struggling to find something I love. Can’t get the hang of being on vacation (I use vacation to write). Went to a film. Not sleeping well. Can’t concentrate. Accomplishing nothing.

Might have to start again or go into rehab.


6 thoughts on “Just finished. Just starting.

  1. Lynne Jonell 9 years ago

    How well you capture this peculiar and annoying state between books! Rehab sounds fabulous.

  2. Kathryn Evans 9 years ago

    How true. The worse thing for me is that writing feels like work, because I HAVE to do it, but until my agent finds a home for something, anything, please dog, I can’t call it work. To onlookers I am indulging a little hobby. Feel guilty when I’m writing, feel guilty when I’m not. Maybe that’s why I’m attracted to the facebooky writer people… everybody gets it…

  3. Meg 9 years ago

    Just keep telling yourself, Kathryn, it beats working in advertising.

  4. Anne Rooney 9 years ago

    Ah, but then there’s the bit when you have a deadline and suddenly you don’t feel like doing the book any more. The point about 60% of the way through when lots of other unwritten books clamour for attention instead and you wish you were writing one of those instead, because 60% is not close enough to the end to be nearly finished but too far from the start to be still so exciting….

  5. Meg 9 years ago

    Don’t even talk to me about the 60% stage, Anne. I abandon every book I’ve ever written at 60% and then eventually, with a huge sigh, retrieve it from the bin and start working again.

  6. Sarah 9 years ago

    Ahhh, the warm little glow I get from thinking of you writing. I looked in the bookshop earlier today in the hope there would be a new book written by you gracing the shelves. Suffer on! 😉

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