Sometimes you just don’t feel like talking to the world. Which is when youtube comes in handy.

Excuse me if you’ve seen this before, but for those of you who haven’t — here’s a bucketful of cheer.

We No Speak Americano


3 thoughts on “Blog blog blah

  1. Kathryn Evans 9 years ago

    This was so interesting – I’ve long felt this to be true but we’ve never put it into practise on the farm. We have our purpose – “to make a better life for us and our workers and contribute to wider society in tangible ways.” In practice this means a percentage of profit t is committed to African sustainable development and local charities. We do it, but we don’t share it with our workers assuming they wouldn’t be interested. Crumbs – really got me thinking….

  2. Meg 9 years ago

    tee hee. And now I’ve changed the youtube so poor Kathryn sounds completely surreal. Sorry.

    1. Kathryn Evans 9 years ago

      Thought it was dementia kicking in …

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