3 responses to “Heels over head”

  1. April Genevieve

    Agreed. I haven’t worn heels in some 5 years (my last heels were the two inch ones on a pair of Frye boots I bought after reading Lonesome Dove). I wear my zippered, sunken heel Earth boots. With everything.

  2. Kathryn Evans

    Those rotten feet are a perfect metaphor for the simmering reason behind all this body distortion – how did it go so wrong all over again? Wild Swans is such a beautiful book, one of those that become a part of you, all our daughters should read it x

  3. kokorako

    Body cruelty used to be (still is) carried out by the mums and elder women (eg, female circumcision/foot binding). What’s so strange about fashion is our bad choice of clothes/heels (I’m ignoring textile manufacture practices here) we turn it into self-harm. I’m afraid I’ll be hoping for some bad runway falls at London Fashion Week because this may make all the impressionable girls reconsider tottering tower locomotion. Or maybe I’m just jealous because I even find my riding boot heel a tad too high?!