I don’t usually make a big noise of the fact that I went to Harvard. It wasn’t so hard to gain admission back in the pleistocine age. And it was filled with all sorts of people who seemed to be there on some pretext other than sheer weight of intellect (we used to call it ‘geographical distribution’).

But still.

Despite the fact that I can’t solve my 13-year-old’s quadratic equations and have been known to mix up my Cromwells, by most objective standards I’m considered moderately well-educated. Not too shabby at problem solving. Good at complex concepts. (OK, crap at politics. Could that be my problem?) Reading comprehension? A* with one eye tied behind my back.

So if (after standing for ten minutes in front of a sign) I can’t figure out whether it’s safe to park, who can?


7 thoughts on “Creative writing 101

  1. Candy Gourlay 8 years ago

    i’ve been done by one of those signs!

    there’s more than one Cromwell? sheesh.

  2. Meghan 8 years ago

    I usually stay away from signs that would confuse me. But that sign you have to do some serious reading to understand it. Unlike others where you can just glance at it and you know if its safe or not.

    1. Meg 8 years ago

      NO! Can’t believe that’s not a joke article.

  3. Bazza 8 years ago

    Hi Meg. Well, you can’t say that sign isn’t explicit!
    By the way, I’ve just finished reading How I Live Now. I’m not sure why I started it because it’s packaged like it’s aimed at 15 year-old girls but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a pleasant surprise.
    Which should I read next? Does it matter?

    1. Meg 8 years ago

      Hi Bazza, thanks for that. Glad you persevered past the 15 year old girl cover. (Don’t get me started on the covers.) Maybe try What I Was next — it’s about a boarding school boy in the early 60s, and possibly my favourite. And let me know what you think….

  4. bookwitch 8 years ago

    Yes. Depending on what time it is. You can’t stay long. And I don’t drive.

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