Lovely Moss somehow figured out he was going to be sold, so he decided to turn up lame. Perfect for a Machiavellian creature who likes his owner and his life and isn’t too fond of change, in case it doesn’t involve quite as many carrots.

Being lame, he’s only been allowed out for walks. And I’ve greatly enjoyed the ones we’ve had. We’ve gone out in dappled sunshine and soft rain, and I can reach up and grab sloes and blackberries as we go by. He and I are both somewhat lazy by nature, so despite an abstract desire to be back cantering up the hill and jumping fences, it’s been kind of nice just to walk.

Only lately, he’s gone all ‘woo-woo-ohmigod-is-that-a-panther-in-the-bushes? Better gallop away at the speed of light just in case!!’  And despite the fact that I tell him he’s a twit, that panthers are not indigenous to the British Isles and it’s more likely to be a squirrel or even more likely, NOTHING AT ALL, he spins and snorts and ends up back at the yard all in a lather, despite the fact that we’ve done nothing…but…walk.

Well, gentle readers, as you might have guessed, there’s a little moral to be gleaned from this here horsey tale.  And that is, that yer mammals what does not accomplish very much at all, despite pretending to be renewing said mammal’s batteries, gets all antsy and jumpsy and definitely positively ought to be getting on with the business of writing.


5 thoughts on “Riding and Writing, part 952B

  1. Kathryn Evans 8 years ago

    How true – though think there has been something on the horsey wind this week – Jacob was skitty this week. Skitty and overly competitive with every horse he met on the road …..

  2. kokorako 8 years ago

    How terrible you have to sell Moss, poor you. Hope this means you’re not abandoning horse land but finding some even more gorgeous (non lame) creature. Moving on from “Flambards” I’ve just finished an irritating American book about how horses save you from yourself – but still make the tears flow (just in case you’ve missed it, it is called “Chosen by a Horse”. There are barbs to horse world reading – I know that even 26 years on from selling my lovely mare, Cassiopeia (Cass) I still feel guilty that I let her down. May that thought be crushed at once when it tries to wheedle into your brain. Real horses are for riding not herd/debt collecting…

  3. Meg 8 years ago

    Moss isn’t mine to sell — he’s my share horse, but I love him all the same. I have the distinct feeling that as long as he’s well cared for and ridden by someone who’s kind to him, he’ll be perfectly happy.

  4. Minnie 8 years ago

    Sorry to hear it, Meg. I had a share in a pony for a while: heaven, and I still miss him. I hope Moss gets the rider(s) he deserves, and that you find another horse – shared or not.

    1. Meg 8 years ago

      Thanks, Minnie. And thank you for your wonderful blog…..

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