Garden & Gun Magazine.  Who’d of thought it?

You plant some beautiful Nepeta to attract pussy cats, then you shoot the bastards.  You put out thistle seed for the birds, catch ’em in nets and eat ’em for lunch.  Shy deer tiptoe into your wildflower meadow…kaboom!!!

I’ve been away from America for twenty-two years now so there are probably a whole slew of new magazines I’ve missed.

Burgers & Fundamentalism.  Practical Fish Keeping and Orthopaedic Surgery.  Poetry for The Very Tall.

This could turn out to be an advertisement for books.


9 thoughts on “Oxymorons of the world unite.

  1. jackie morris 8 years ago

    My favorite oxymoron:
    My favorite magazine in the UK: Practical Pigkeeper, Fancy Chickens, Carp Weekly. ( which unfortunately is about fish rather than carping on about things.) And yes, I know that is 3 but there are just sooooo many weird ones!

  2. Kathryn Evans 8 years ago

    ‘What’s Hot in Cold Storage.’ *sigh* this is my life….

  3. raych 8 years ago

    Ha! Poetry for the Very Tall indeed. LOL, etc.

  4. Laura 8 years ago

    If I saw someone shoot a kitty, I would probably have to murder them in the face.
    So maybe I need a copy of this magazine too…

  5. Laban Tall 8 years ago

    In a small town in Placer County, California, there’s a delightful shop called ‘Guns N Lace’ which sells “Intimate Apparel and Shooting Supplies”.

    1. Meg 8 years ago

      You’ve made my day.

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