But only if you live in or around New York City, it appears.

Two friends from New York spotted these posters wrapped around lampposts in the Soho and Union Square neighbourhoods.


42 thoughts on “More How I Live Now Casting…

  1. Audrey 7 years ago

    Eep, that’s so exciting!!

  2. Philip Ardagh 7 years ago

    Have to live in New York?!? Bother. I had the wig and everything…

  3. Meghan 7 years ago

    Ahhhh!!! I wanna try for this!! but I don’t live in New York 🙁

  4. Liz 7 years ago

    *ponders Mr. Ardagh being in How I Live Now*

    It could work…

  5. Maria 7 years ago

    Yet another reason why my mother should have emigrated to the US when I begged her at eight years old.
    It’s exciting that casting’s beginning though, so excited for this film!

  6. Angie 7 years ago

    Oh my goodness. So exciting!!

  7. Emma Beasley 7 years ago

    I just soooo wish i lived in new york it would look so good on my work experiance lists wouldnt it, (because im doing drama as a GCSE!! LOL) I am deffinatly going to be straight there as soon as it comes out!! CANT WAIT!!

  8. Eliza 7 years ago

    Why not in England?????

  9. Fiona Battersby 7 years ago

    Ms. Rosoff,

    I have submitted myself to the casting director of “How I Live Now” for the role of Daisy. I know it may sound presumptuous for me to say this, but I truly do believe I could bring a lot to the role and I am actively fighting for the chance to audition in person for it. I am an avid reader and literary enthusiast, I thoroughly connect with the character, and I am also an actress. I was curious as to if you have any kind of say in the casting process or if it is strictly up to the casting director. I know it is ordinarily up to the casting director, but since it is indeed a character you yourself created, I thought I would at least ask. It never hurts to do so.

    Sincerely yours,

    Fiona Battersby

    1. Meg Rosoff 7 years ago

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any say in the process, Fiona. But good luck. x

  10. Maya 7 years ago

    I’m currently in New York Film Academy’s summer acting program, and several of my friends who are also in the program are in the process of auditioning for the film–some went today, some are going tomorrow. I’m not auditioning, as I don’t fit the physical requirements for the role, but we were reading a scene from the script today for a class and it looks great! Can’t wait to see the movie when it comes out!

    1. Meg Rosoff 7 years ago

      Sounds so exciting. Wish I were in NYC…..

  11. Brooke 7 years ago

    Hi! I just auditioned for the role of Daisy-and I was wondering, in your eyes, what do you think she physically looks like?

    1. Meg Rosoff 7 years ago

      I never described Daisy in the book. I hinted that she’s quite pretty, quite thin — and then it’s up to you. Good luck.

  12. Jenna 7 years ago

    I auditioned July 15, and it went really well… but I haven’t heard back. Will they be doing callbacks in the future? or has anyone gotten a callback yet?

    1. Brooke 7 years ago

      I auditioned last week! What did you have to do? Let me know if you hear!

  13. Jenna 7 years ago

    i completely fell in love with the part and script and book… i want to be a part of this project so badly it hurts

  14. Bek 7 years ago

    They are still auditioning girls so it might be a while before anyone hears.

    1. Brooke 7 years ago

      In person or video submissions? And has anyone gotten a callback yet?

    2. Bek 7 years ago

      I know video submissions for sure. Probably in person too. I don’t know if anyone has gotten a callback yet.

    3. Bek 7 years ago

      Did you send in a tape or go live?

    4. brooke 7 years ago

      Live at the beginning of August in NYC. How about you?

      Its interesting because they said they were looking for an unknown, but the video submissions are all through agencies and actresses with many credits.

    5. Maddie Bright 7 years ago

      I’m surprised how many of the video submissions can be seen online. Seems wrong somehow to put it out there when the sides are supposed to be kept confidential.

    6. Bek 7 years ago

      Oops my reply was supposed to go to you, Brooke haha.

    7. Bek 7 years ago

      I agree with you, Maddie. They are not supposed to be posting them publicly. Most productions don’t like that.

  15. Bek 7 years ago

    I sent in a tape 2 weeks ago. It depends on what they want for an unknown. An unknown can still have an agent and have been working for a while – they just aren’t known to the public. VS. picking someone with no experience. It just depends on who they find that they like.

    1. brooke 7 years ago

      Gotcha! Well, post if you hear anything!

    2. Bek 7 years ago

      I will! Same to you guys! 🙂

    3. Brooke 7 years ago

      I searched online and now they are having an open call in Albany. Does that mean we are no longer being considered?

    4. Maddie Bright 7 years ago

      What did you think of the sides? I thought they were…different. I’ve loved the book for years so reading the sides was like hanging out with a clone of my best friend. Familiar and foreign at the same time. Amazing experience, though, right? I mean, when do you ever get a chance to audition for a character you know and love?

    5. Meg Rosoff 7 years ago

      OK, sorry to sound ignorant, but what are the sides?

    6. Brooke 7 years ago

      Sides are scenes from the script that you read off of at an audition! Such an amazing experience-I can’t help but keep checking if anyone has heard anything yet! Maddie-did you submit a video or go to the actual audition? Did you do all the sides? In the videos online, they read all of them, but at mine I only read the one long one.

    7. Maddie Bright 7 years ago

      Yep, what Brooke said. 🙂 Lucky, lucky girl who gets to bring Daisy to life. I’ll always have the book, though, so I can be there, really there, whenever I want. It must be strange and amazing to be a writer and to know that your words and thoughts are wriggling their way into people’s souls. Are you the “real” Meg Rosoff? If so, thank you for the book. 🙂 Brooke, they had me submit on tape because I don’t live in NY. I did three scenes.

    8. Meg Rosoff 7 years ago

      There are no fake Meg Rosoffs as far as I know…. And I’m really glad you love the book — it is pretty great to hear that.

  16. Jenna 7 years ago

    i auditioned in person with the casting director in july.. she was really happy with how i did but i think i may be a bit young… didn’t hear yet..

  17. Mischa 7 years ago

    Out of curiosity, where can I see one of these audition tapes?! Please can someone post a link?

  18. Mary Ann 7 years ago

    Hey, So I sent in an audition video already, but I was just curious whether you pictured her having a typical NY accent or not?

    1. may 7 years ago

      hi, how do you send in a video tape to the casting directors? thanks!

  19. Jenna M. 7 years ago

    I know that casting Daisy is extremely important to the movie, but I am really curious as to who will be cast as Edmond!!!!!
    I keep picturing someone like Logan Lerman. Maybe he could cast cast in the role! (As long as he can pull off a British accent!)
    He just played a freshman (age 14) in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, so he could pull it off….

    Who do you think should be cast as Edmond???

  20. Daisy 5 years ago

    It must’ve been really weird and exciting for you- and your friends!

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