The train ride beckons (I love the train from London to Edinburgh — very scenic and dreamy), as does the yurt (will they have reinstated the 10am whiskey? I can only hope…) and the chance to talk about new books with old friends.

Last year at the Edinburgh festival I stood on a street corner agog and watched a nine-piece tuba band play Bach inventions. This made me happy for days.

I’m planning to wake up early on Sunday and catch a performance of Macbeth in a swimming pool, or The King and I performed by Siamese twins, or one of the wandering plays that you have to chase all over town. Then there’s an outdoor reading at ten, ten minutes of There Is No Dog in what promises to be pouring rain.

It’s lucky I like rain. And book festivals. But I do. I really do.


5 thoughts on “Edinburgh, ho.

  1. Rachel 8 years ago

    Break a leg! Wish I could be there.

  2. Mischa 8 years ago

    Hi there Meg, I absolutely loved How I Live Now, thank you so much for creating such a touching, unique war story about love – it’s far more convincingly post-apocalyptic than any dystopian novel I’ve read! Guessing you’re at the Fringe then? Are you doing any signings? I’d love to be there if that’s the case 🙂
    Out of interest, I was wondering if you’ve actually suggested any actors/actresses for roles in How I Live Now or if the producers/casting directors are involving you in the casting in any way? Can’t wait for the film – sooo exciting! Also, I was wondering what hair colour I should imagine Daisy with – due to the book cover having a freckled model, I imagined her a redhead, but wondered how you pictured Daisy? Thanks for your time, Meg! Your loyal fan, Mischa x

  3. Alice 8 years ago

    Great seeing you at the book festival, I loved your talk about “There is no dog” almost as much as the book!
    Hope your enjoying Edinburgh and all the Festivals

  4. Emma Beasley 8 years ago

    Good luck meg Xx hope it goes well and fingers crossed the wether holds…

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