Here he is, the very first prototype Eck. I may be prejudiced, but I think he is the most delightful creature in nine thousand galaxies.

He is nearly 7 inches tall and comes in a (very) limited edition. The one pictured here is Number 1, and I’m afraid he is mine, but each subsequent Eck will be handmade by Nick Godlee, numbered, and unique. Please note his long sticky tongue. This is not some cheap facsimile Eck.

The Eck costs £20 + £2.50 ($31 + $4 in the U.S.) postage and handling, which is quite a good price for a nearly-extinct animal. A percentage of the purchase price will go to the WWF (World Wildlife Fund charity) which protects endangered animals like Ecks. Although there really are no animals very much like Ecks.

For the moment, not being what you might call “a retail outlet”, I can only accept cash or cheques. If you would like to order an Eck, please let me know and I’ll send you payment details. He will have to be made for you and then travel from Brooklyn so there may be a wait of a week or two before he arrives on your doorstep. But Christmas is coming much sooner than you think (shoot me now) and we expect to be inundated with literally millions of orders, so you might want to order soon.



20 thoughts on “Eck! Eck! Eck!

  1. Lynne Harris 7 years ago

    oooh yes please!! And you will accept an american cheque? Let me know details …

  2. Kate 7 years ago

    I may need more than one!

  3. Lois Freidman 7 years ago

    In a recent study of eckstinct languages–I came across the following interesting definition: ECK–a symbol of good luck, good tidings. Therefore–I would like to order one ECK. It couldn’t hurt??

    1. Meg Rosoff 7 years ago

      Depends how much luck you’re after. He’s only 7″ tall so you might need to stack a few up….

  4. ann gossman 7 years ago

    I am in ECKstasy that I may among the first to have my very own ECK. Am enjoying the book. You get into a preteen, teenagers head very well. I’d like to order three ECKs – none for the holiday you dared to mention. Much love, ann

  5. Caroline Coxon 7 years ago

    Quick, add me to the list please. A confession. I usually wait till things come out in paperback…I was trying to do that with ‘There Is No Dog’ since all my veiled threats about wanting it for my birthday failed miserably. Then I saw Eck. And fell in love. So NOW I’ve bought the book in hardback with my very own pocket money. Oh but I’m enjoying it. 2/3rds of the way through in one day. Review to follow on blog. So MUST have an Eck. Please.

    1. Meg Rosoff 7 years ago

      Caroline, you are on the list. Your Eck is on order. I hope you like the book, by the way (i keep forgetting about the book in my enthusiasm for the Eck….!)

  6. Alice 7 years ago

    Hi, I may be a poor student at the moment but I need an Eck please send me details.
    P.s have you thought about signed Ecks?

  7. Kat 7 years ago

    wow, these are soo cute!!! its so cool that some of it goes to WWF too. Please can u send me the payment details?!!! thanks!

  8. Kate 7 years ago

    And if we are going to go from 30 degrees in London to snow in the north within the week, plus a hurricane nudging the fringes, according to the newspapers today – my question is, what the (h)eck is Bob up to now?

  9. Sarah 7 years ago

    Do you think an Eck could make it to China? I’d love an Eck.

    1. Meg Rosoff 7 years ago

      A little bit extra postage, but yes.

    1. Meg Rosoff 7 years ago

      Looks probable, Peter. Look for bones.

  10. Peter Bryenton 7 years ago

    When I was a child in Lancashire, I spoke with the local dialect. We used to say “By ‘eck!” which meant “by heck”, a euphemism for “by hell”.

    1. Lorna Stallard 7 years ago

      An alternative title to this post could have been “Buy Eck”!

  11. from an anonymous student in worcester 7 years ago

    Do you think an Eck would be good for me? I don’t get much good luck, and plus an Eck could look after my brother while I do other things that I really need to do when I can’t do when he’s around?

    1. Meg Rosoff 7 years ago

      Ah, Jess. Ecks are very useful for looking after siblings.

  12. anna virgoe 7 years ago

    Hi Meg, I would love an Eck for Young Browsers bookshop in Woodbridge, please, Could you let me know how to pay?


  13. Javeria 7 years ago

    Hello Meg,

    I would very much like to order an Eck. May I have payment details?



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