I had the dream again last night.

In it, I am trying to make sense of a house that’s too small and cramped. It’s awful. We have to move.

And then suddenly I discover a false wall, or a door I never noticed. Once it led to an entire empty floor above the one we lived in. Another time, an acre of land.

It always feels like a revelation.

Last night it was a tiny room behind a false wall.

What else is this house hiding? I wondered.  Stepping through another door, I found a vast space made of stone, like the ruin of an old chapel, sixty feet high.  Beyond this wonderful space was a narrow cobbled street with a row of shops I had somehow missed for ten years.  A bike shop, a book shop….and just beyond…the sea!

This was miraculous.  I followed the road down a bit more and came across a branch of John Lewis. Practically next door. Oh joy and rapture!

I hated to wake up from my discovery that the house wasn’t too small after all, but full of potential and interest and just next door to all the things I love.  (No horses? Asked my husband incredulously.  But no, no horses.)

I started writing again this week after a long and frightening logjam that seemed to last forever.

My dream always tells me the same thing: There are more spacious and wonderful places to go than you ever realized. Even when you can’t find them, they’re there.  Waiting.


13 thoughts on “My dream house.

  1. raych 7 years ago

    I need to start dreaming in Symbolism.

  2. sharon creech 7 years ago

    I have those house dreams, too – the newly-found rooms and hallways and additions; sometimes these places are wretched (damp, spidery, moldy) and need fixing up; sometimes the new places are intriguing and inviting (‘come in, come in’) – but always they seem connected to writing, appearing at a time when I am about to begin a book, or unsure where a story will go next . . . Always the subconscious working on things, eh?

  3. bookwitch 7 years ago

    And I always move back to where I used to live…

  4. Christina 7 years ago

    I never thought to look at those dreams as writing dreams, or dreams of potential–perhaps I’ll have to reconsider them. What to make of the “unknown secrets in a house” dream in which I discovered that if I pressed a certain button in the wall, an entire Wurlitzer organ rose up out of the floor on a beautiful stage? I thought that was plenty cool, but if it means unknown splendor waiting behind some door of my mind, instead, well–that makes it even cooler. (Though I could do without the recurring dream about the house with the flooded basement that only measures one foot between floor and ceiling…)

  5. cathy cassidy 7 years ago

    <3 this post xxx

  6. Joyce Owens 7 years ago

    Your architect loves this dream!

  7. Emma Beasley 7 years ago

    that would be a nice dream to have, all my dreams seem to be nower days are night mares of me jumping out of the windows, being eaten by spiders ect ect (one night i found myself trying to jump out of my bed room window when i was sleep, that was scarey!!) but i wonder what my dreams mean !!

    1. Meg Rosoff 7 years ago

      Very worrying, Emma. YOu’re not taking exams or anything are you?!

  8. TLC 7 years ago

    I’ve had nightmares every night for the last two weeks and have no idea why??

  9. Sheryl Gwyther 7 years ago

    Wow, what a gorgeous dream, Meg! I wonder what your sub-conscious is telling you – it actually sounds like a story unfolding. Mmmm, a good one! 🙂

  10. Amy 7 years ago

    I think lots of people must dream this because Shaun Tan, who is an amazing illustrator/maker of stories, has written and drawn almost this exact thing in his story ‘no other country’.

    It’s in a beautiful book of his called ‘tales from outer suburbia’ and if you’ve not already come across it, I’d highly recommend. And I promise I’m not an evil advertising monster, just a nosey reader who delights in things. Because I’m very keen on your writing and his, I feel as if you should also enjoy each others’ work. It may not work like that.

    1. Meg Rosoff 7 years ago

      I adore Shaun Tan, Amy. Though the only story I know from Tales of Outer Suburbia is Eric. I must get the book, I think it’s the only one of his I don’t own.

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