One book, half written.
One horse, unruly.
Two dogs, unwalked.

One husband + one new chainsaw.
One pile of firewood.
One teenage daughter (nothing to wear).

168 books, unread.
Five bills unpaid.
Four pomegranates left over from November.
One garden, muddy.

Six new daffodil shoots.
One half hour more of daylight.

Three months till spring.





10 thoughts on “January inventory.

  1. Martin 7 years ago

    You can always count on January.

  2. Ruth 7 years ago

    I’m worried about “husband” and “chainsaw” in one line …

  3. E.J. Runyon 7 years ago

    1 blog to post to.
    Several friends to thank for supporting me.
    1 website with over 170 pages to proofread.
    1 new book to promote.
    1 new book to finish writing.
    Three meals to attempt to eat daily.
    Two cats for me to ask “Would you care for a treat?”

    1 other blog (Meg’s) to follow. 🙂

  4. nicola baird 7 years ago

    Your post reminds me of one my favourite (and I always think tongue-in-cheek) poems, No-vember (ie, no sun, no moon etc) about the start of bleak winter. With your list of things to do/or needing to be done you know you’re not just alive, but essential to life!

  5. Kate 7 years ago

    I love this.
    I wasn’t worried about husband + chainsaw after I saw the firewood in the next line – clearly, he’s been successful.

  6. Kirsten Baron 7 years ago

    I like. It reads like an indoor version of one of Richard Long’s walking poems.

  7. jackie 7 years ago

    Love. I think I have 4 unpaid bills, many things that need posting, a half finished novel and a picture book begun, a half finished painting, too many ideas, too little time, dogs that need walking and a wish for wings.

  8. Peter Bryenton 7 years ago

    And one inspired, motivated and encouraged young writer who is developing her own style, thank you.

  9. from an anonymous student in worcester 7 years ago

    This reminds me of my to do list. I love this, made my Tuesday morning!

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