No, this is not spam. If it were, you can imagine what sort of books you’d get for free. Books with titles like How To Marry A Sexy Girl You’ve Never Met or Best Penis Extensions (while we’re on that subject, why do I get those e-mails? Do you know any insecure middle-aged men named Meg?) or Make Thousands at Home While You Doze and Sip Red Wine (I ordered that book on the off chance that it wasn’t spam).

Dear Reader, these are real books.  Books like Pride and Prejudice, Remains of the Day, Small Island, The Book Thief.

On World Book Night (April 23rd, 2012), one million books will be given away free. Including 20,000 copies of How I Live Now. Absolutely free!

So if you haven’t read it, and don’t mind standing out in the cold for three months to save £5.99, start queuing now.





9 thoughts on “ONE MILLION FREE BOOKS!!!!

  1. Caroline Coxon 7 years ago

    Unless I’m going very mad or the Chardonnay has taken its toll – I can’t see How I Live Now on the list 🙁

    1. Meg Rosoff 7 years ago

      Bottom row, second from left. Maybe you didn’t recognize the lovely (cough) new cover.

    2. Caroline Coxon 7 years ago

      Am I going completely mad? On the registration form all that is visible is a drop-down menu (no pictures). It says ‘please select from the following list’ and How I Live Now isn’t there…

      The new cover? Another gloopy girl. Don’t you just love ’em.

    3. Caroline Coxon 7 years ago

      Ahhhh! The link on your blog took me to the US World Book Night!

  2. Caroline Coxon 7 years ago

    Yes, I am going mad. I’ve found the pictures of the books and I can’t see How I Live Now there EITHER. Heeeeeeeeeeeelp!

  3. Caroline Coxon 7 years ago

    (Last post preceded my discovery about the US v the UK website – I think I should just go to bed now!)

  4. @FabLibrarian 7 years ago

    Hi Meg
    Registration for the UK World Book Night finished at the end of January. I’ve registered – keeping my fingers crossed I’m successful (first choice was How I Live Now)
    Best wishes

    1. Meg Rosoff 7 years ago

      YOu know, that figures. I’m always a week late for everything. Thanks Fab Librarian. I’ll edit.

    2. E.J. Runyon 7 years ago

      Like you, Meg, I come to things often a day too late. So I opened my laptop’s calendar and added a note for December 31, 2012 – “Look for World Book Night next week!”

      – Memory managed!

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