I am startled to discover that my new book already has an amazon page.

Yes, Picture Me Gone, will be published on March 7, 2013, in hardback, and will set you back £12.99.

The reason I’m startled is that I’m still a teensy bit dubious about one of the subplots, my editor hasn’t read the final version, and I haven’t spoken to anyone about the pictures in the text (does the fact that no one’s mentioned them mean it’s a subject no one wants to broach?)

(To be fair, the reason my editor hasn’t read the final version is that I just sent it to her ten minutes ago.)

Picture Me Gone was a pleasure to write. It flowed along, it answered its own mysteries in its own time; it built up slowly, layer by layer, with each draft. If only every book had such a happy journey.

I did worry slightly when the mystery surrounding the main character hadn’t been solved six months into the writing. But I held my nerve and he told me eventually why he’d done what he did — and I was pleased to discover that it wasn’t the reason I’d expected.

Someone once told me the story of a writer who lost her entire book when her computer crashed (back-up now, fellow scribes). When her editor said, “But surely you can just write it again,” she replied, “No, I couldn’t possibly. I know how it’s going to end.”

It’s the discovery that makes the process of writing so interesting and satisfying. The words the characters speak, the reasons they give for their actions, the controversial choices they make (I wouldn’t do that, I tell them. Bugger off, they reply).

The element of surprise.

For instance, the rather peculiar thing that happened tonight when I changed the spacing of my title.



4 thoughts on “PICTURE MEG ONE

  1. nicola baird 7 years ago

    I’m taking self and 2 daughters (but not dog Vulcan) to the World Book Night do so will be cheering you on from the very back. Gd luck. V interested in idea of not knowing the ending of your books as you write. It’s like life in a way – the ending’s important to everyone but in v different motivational ways. Nicola http://aroundbritainnoplane.blogspot.com

  2. Meg Rosoff 7 years ago

    So glad you’re coming (good mother). Look for Paul and Gloria…they’ll be there too….

  3. Christina Wilsdon 7 years ago

    What a fun post, and what a funny surprise for you to find your book on Amazon already. (They still list two books of mine-small nonfiction books–from nearly 18 years ago that were never published because the publishers drastically cut back operations. Apparently the big A would not believe me when I wrote to them telling them these books didn’t exist.) Was just thinking too that it would be lovely to have a book by Meg Rosoff all about the writing process (though that might mean you’d run out of novels and that would not be good). Hey, I’ll go look for that book right now on Amazon 🙂

  4. Laurel 7 years ago

    I love this post, Meg. So wonderful to imagine your characters revealing themselves to you and telling you why they have done what they’ve done. Is it always like this for you? The new title is great!

    I also just got a surprise, seeing my journal article (the one you saw when we met) for sale on iTunes. Not sure whether to feel flattered or annoyed.

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