When screenwriter and all-round New York top citizen Nora Ephron died last month, everyone reprinted the “What I’ll Miss” and “What I Won’t Misss” lists from her 2010 book “I Remember Nothing.”

Here are some of my thoughts on the subject.

What I won’t miss:

  1. E-mails
  2. To-Do lists
  3. Cooking dinner
  4. “I’ve attached my 250,000 word manuscript for you to read…”
  5. Uncomfortable shoes
  6. Folding fitted sheets
  7. The alarm clock
  8. The news
  9. Parking tickets
  10. “Your call is important to us…”
  11. The Archers
  12. Reality
  13. Mosquitos
What I’ll miss:
  1. About 22 people in total
  2. Working in bed
  3. A nice walk to canter transition
  4. Going to the movies
  5. Dogs
  6. Blogging
  7. What might happen tomorrow
  8. Rain
  9. Swimming in the North Sea
  10. The upper deck of the 19 bus
  11. The BBC
  12. Reading in bed
  13. Laughing at (sorry with) Andy Stanton
  14. Hampstead Heath
  15. Toast with gooseberry jam
  16. The moon

Sometimes you just gotta make a list.


11 thoughts on “What I’ll miss

  1. Vanessa Harbour 7 years ago

    What a great list! Many of which could end up on my lists except maybe swimming in the North Sea, but that is because I am a wimp

  2. Belinda 7 years ago

    Good lists, Meg. I’d also miss laughter. And the smell of roses.

  3. Eliza 7 years ago

    What I’ll Miss;
    1. My four favourite books;
    • How I live Now by Meg Rosoff
    • I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith
    • Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster
    • Diamond Star Halo by Tiffany Murray
    2. French movies
    3. My rather adorable cats; Silas and Dodo
    4. Watching tennis
    5. The two buzzards that always circle the woods by my house
    6. IKEA cinnamon buns
    7. The falafel from my local farmer‘s market
    8. The smell of books
    9. Long journeys
    10. The hot wind in the underground
    11. Thunder storms

    What I Won’t Miss;

    1. The horrible early morning hike to the bus stop
    2. My rather deranged neighbour who normally accosts me on the way to the aforementioned bus stop
    3. The lack of heating in my house
    4. Pointe shoes
    5. The so-called importance of spelling
    6. Essay deadlines
    7. The way the covers of Pink Pig sketchbooks always rub off on whatever you are wearing so you get covered in bits of coloured fluff
    8. Scales and arpeggios on the violin

  4. nicola baird 7 years ago

    Yes, yes, to the what I’ll miss list by you Meg – #3, 7 (really laughed) and 10 – in fact most of that list. I’ve just been writing about Highgate Cemetery thinking similar black/white thoughts. clearly got to work on the humour! Nicola

  5. Candy Gourlay 7 years ago

    I’ll miss the upper deck of the number 17! swimming in the north sea????!!!!

  6. Jake Elliott 7 years ago

    What I’ll miss:
    [i] Cryptic messages.
    [ii] ‘Just In Case’.
    [iii] Watching the rain.
    [iv] The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary (both volumes).
    [v] Necklaces.
    [vi] Scolding hot baths.
    [vii] ‘9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors’.
    [viii] Attempting to sing in ‘Guitar Hero’.
    [ix] Typing a story out at midnight.
    [x] Roman numerals.

    What I won’t miss:
    [i] S.Meyer and E.L.James.
    [ii] Modern music.
    [iii] Bizarre fetishes.
    [iv] Fatty foods.
    [v] Asking “Is that your best price?”.
    [vi] Being forced to use the Oxford Comma.
    [vii] Biased treatment.
    [viii] Bullies.
    [ix] A spasmodic internet connection.
    [x] People who never respond.

    Hmm… “About 22 people”?
    /Starts counting everyone Meg knows./

  7. Jake Elliott 7 years ago

    Damn. I like the smell of new books, too.

    [xi] The smell of new books.


    1. Meg Rosoff 7 years ago

      New books smell great. Old books too.

    2. Jake Elliott 7 years ago

      Hmm… I’m not a fan of the dust old books pick up.
      Opening my Oxford Dictionaries yesterday practically flooded my room in little grey strands. I haven’t stopped coughing since.

  8. lilah 7 years ago

    oooh i love hampstead heath i live like 2 minutes away,i especially love the ponds!

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