I just want my loyal fans to know HOW up on latest fashions I am.

Oh yes.

When I saw Saoirse Ronan on set in this amazing cardigan, I said to myself, “Self, that is not the sort of everyday item one picks up on Oxford Street here in provincial old London, oh noooooo.  That fabulous cardie is the product of a sophisticated wardrobe person’s eagle eye, a wardrobe person who obviously traveled all the way to New York City to find some obscure designer whose work simply screams NEW YORK! thus adding to the overall veracity and astonishing attention to detail typical of this film shoot.”

Yes indeed, my friends, I have some eye for fashion.

However. It turns out to be Top Shop after all. Also available in New York City.

And where else would our Daisy shop?


p.s. the fact that I have not mentioned yet again how astonishingly beautiful and talented our lead actress is, merely reflects the principle that you don’t need to tell a person eating a plate of white truffle pasta that it’s delicious. They know.

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25 thoughts on “First picture of Saoirse Ronan on the set of How I Live Now.

  1. Ray Hewitt 7 years ago

    My favourite bit in the book was when she kissed Angry Soldier Number Two…

    1. Meg Rosoff 7 years ago

      Ray. You. Are. SHAMELESS.

  2. Dave 7 years ago

    She always looks so different in every film, a real chameleon! Is she how you envisaged Daisy? I can’t wait for this film.

    1. Meg Rosoff 7 years ago

      I’m not sure it’s how i imagined her originally. I think I thought she’d have dark hair. But now I can’t see Daisy as anyone but Saoirse.

  3. Paul 7 years ago

    I love this picture. You could take a hundred photos of Saoirse and she’d look different in each of them! She’s stunningly beautiful.

  4. raych 7 years ago

    I would non-fatally stab someone for that cardigan.

  5. andrea seigel 7 years ago

    i’m very excited to see more knitwear from the set.

  6. Mik Bedson 7 years ago

    Will there be some crochet items as well in the film?

  7. Ruth 7 years ago

    If she were not so likeable I might feel slightly resentful of this ridiculously talented, beautiful girl the same age as me playing one of my favourite book characters of all time.

  8. Dee 7 years ago

    Is that an eyebrow piercing I see??? Still, Saoirse is gorgeous 🙂

  9. jackie 7 years ago

    Beautiful. My Hannah would approve. Kids are into their knitwear in Pembs these days.

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  11. Eliza 7 years ago

    But why is she blonde? Isn’t Daisy dark? Though the cardigan is great!

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  13. sophia 7 years ago

    She’s so beautiful ! I can’t wait to see more from the set =) I just hope that the movie will be released in France ! I just cross my fingers !

  14. Barbaroos 7 years ago

    I did not picture Daisy this beautiful in my head, but I did think she would have blond hair.

  15. Nicole 7 years ago

    i. have. that. cardigan.


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  17. Joan 7 years ago

    whooo! so excited to see the first picture of the filming! I LOVED the book, and I can’t wait to see the movie 🙂

  18. AmalB. 7 years ago

    oh my GOD, I didn’t know it was going to be a film!!! I’m so happy to hear that, its one of my favorite novels, probably what got me into reading young adult! can’t wait to see the movie 😀

  19. Krist 6 years ago

    When will be published the photo of Saoirse from How I Live Now? 🙂

  20. Mrs. U 6 years ago

    Five minutes ago, I finished reading How I Live Now. I immediately Googled the title, and to my great excitement discovered that it is being made into a movie. I am thrilled.

    I adore this book. It conjures up smells and emotions and forbidden yearnings and the true sense of love. I am spreading the word to read this book before the movie comes out, because as we all know, the movie may be great, but the book is where the magic lies.

  21. Yan 6 years ago

    I read this book when I was still in high school. It completely blew me away, and stayed with me unlike with so many other things that you encounter before you’re 18. And even though it hasn’t been too long since then, I’d just like to tell you how absolutely amazed and excited I was, so, so excited, to find out that not only was it going to be made into a movie, but that Saoirse had been cast as Daisy. And this photo is just the beginning!

  22. steve kovacs 5 years ago

    I experienced ‘How I Live Now’ at the Toronto Int’l Film Festival, as well as meeting briefly, Saoirse and George. I was totally engrossed by this tale of tender, young love and fight for survival in a all-too-likely-will-happen harrowing setting, with incredible performances by all the young actors led, of course, by the stunning Saoirse Ronan (blonde with searing icy-blue eyes!) as Daisy.
    This was a must see for me at TIFF, and I’d urge everyone to experience the powerful film ‘How I Live Now’ too!

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