I couldn’t use the actual title of my new-favourite-website-on-the-planet as the title for this blog, because, well, because I’m going to attract the wrong sort of spam in any case. But it’s worth it. And you’ll know what i mean instantly when you click on this here link.

So here I am, at the end of a long, busy, nay, frantic week of too many commitments and too many promised articles and a copyedit to proofread and a new book to sort out and (STILL) the intro to William Golding’s final book to write….

Well what would you do? Work? Absurd. You would waste the last few minutes before it’s officially weekend with the wind in your hair, the sound of the sea, a view of mountains, no running water, a tin roof, a caribou for company, in other words, this.

If you do not agree, you are no friend of mine.

And possibly not entirely human.



11 thoughts on “Cabin lust.

  1. fiona 6 years ago

    I fear the “carabou for company” is where my reluctance lies. The cabin itself is splendid….

  2. Linda Grant 6 years ago

    Our grandparents took all the trouble to escape from those places and bring us to the land of NoCossacks, bookshops, cafes and dress shops.

    1. Meg Rosoff 6 years ago

      Of course! That’s hilarious. And all I want is a shack and a horse. Now, children, what does this tell us about life’s little ironies?

  3. Francesca Simon 6 years ago

    I’m with Linda! My great-grandparents probably ASPIRED to a cossack-free cabin somewhere far far away. They were in the lumber business after all.

  4. Jake Elliott 6 years ago

    Wow… Trying to explain this website to my parents was fun…

    Anybody else willing to wager that Meg’s going to put a cabin in her new story? I’ll match bets!

    1. Meg Rosoff 6 years ago

      Nah, I’ve already written a cabin book. One’s probably enough (Noooooo…..)

  5. Hannah Parry 6 years ago

    Can you imagine what the stars are like at the one in California? Well, probably at all of them. Great site.

  6. Martine 6 years ago

    Have you been watching Kevin (of Grand Designs) build his cabin in the woods … it is lovely:-)
    thanks for sharing

  7. Candy Gourlay 6 years ago

    Thank you. That made me feel better. i totally buy the cabin idea. As long as there are working toilets and a power shower. Oh and a dishwasher.

  8. Rhubarb 6 years ago

    ha – I too have cabin-envy, but had to laugh after reading comments – my not so distant forebears also “lived the dream” and for some reason worked hard to escape.

    But then again, they didn’t have internet and fedex….

  9. StroppyAuthor 6 years ago

    Ah, Meg, someone was telling me just this week about somewhere that has fantastic cabins for writers to go and write in somewhere in a North American forest. They deliver your lunch to the door, but breakfast and dinner are taken with the other writers. You don’t even have to pay to go, but it’s competitive (obviously – who wouldn’t apply for a free cabin for a few weeks?) I will find out the details and send to you!

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