From the lovely Sarah McIntyre, who is also responsible for the beautiful poster:

Libraries are massively under attack right now! Support school libraries with trained librarians, this stuff’s IMPORTANT!!! There’s a lot of information in the world, and we’ve got a whole generation of kids who think Google is the only way to find anything, that youtube’s more interesting than books and that the only books worth reading are Harry Potter and Hunger Games. Here’s the Press Release, and if you’ve just jumped on board, see you tomorrow (Monday, 28 Oct), 1pm at Victoria Embankment Gardens, where we’ll march to Parliament.
I’ll be there, will you?


3 thoughts on “ATTN ALL WRITERS: Lobby at House of Commons Tomorrow

  1. Diana Osborn 6 years ago

    As a school librarian I wish I could be there. How come I only now hear about this from you Meg? My professional organisation should have let me know. I am with you in spirit, although stuck in Somerset. I battle every school day with the Google mindset, despite having a beautiful library full of beautiful books, tailored to the students abilities, interests and the curriculum. When I query why they want a computer, the normal answer is “my teacher told me to go on the internet”. Unfortunately we are now seeing the results of new young teachers having also grown up without the benefit of books. Thank you for fighting for us Meg.

  2. nicola baird 6 years ago

    Oops only just seen this on mon at 12.30pm and not going to make it. Good lobbying. Nicola

  3. Polly 6 years ago

    Dammit, just seen this on Monday evening – I work just up from Embankment gardens and used to be an English teacher; this is SO IMPORTANT to lobby … sorry I wasn’t there but am going to get on board tomorrow.

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