Remember how way back in the 60s or 70s or 90s sci-fi writers wrote scary books and films and short stories all about how computers were going to take over the world, how Hal wasn’t going to let us back in the hatch, how Daleks would be much smarter than humans and how soon computers would start to be capable of things that their creators couldn’t account for? Like mind control?

Obviously that wasn’t going to happen.

Only…when was the last time you lived without your computer for a week? A day? An hour?

How soon after you get up in the morning do you check your emails? How many times a day do you check twitter or FB or tumblr or youtube?

How weird  and itchy and uncomfortable do you feel when you can’t do any of those things for half an hour or so?

Just asking.


7 thoughts on “Future Us

  1. Karen 6 years ago

    Except that isn’t there a punctuation mistake in the 9000’s statement? Doesn’t there need to be a comma after “words”? I know that’s beside the point, but still, perfect is as perfect does.

    1. Shelley Souza 6 years ago

      Perhaps that was the point…are they truly foolproof and incapable of error?

  2. Hannah Parry 6 years ago

    I’d give up all social media (though not my pc) for a computer who could do my housework and take the dog out…

    1. Meg Rosoff 6 years ago

      Me too, Hannah. WHere do we apply?

  3. Jane 6 years ago

    I think my children (and their friends) are desperate for posting ‘like for a like’/and similar on facebook.Yet have to admit I have all my social media alerts sent to my smartphone. Perhaps being a writer, I’m always waiting for GOOD news!? Any news…

  4. Jake Elliott 6 years ago

    I refuse to have accounts on any social media sites. [Part paranoia that the C.I.A. / Illuminati will use it to keep a close eye on me at all times.] Thus, the only ‘addiction’s I have are:

    > Writing with ‘Word’.
    > Skyping with [Names redacted.]
    > Checking dA for abuse or support.
    > Occasionally replying to emails.
    > Bidding for stuff on eBay.

    I’d be stretching to say I use it for too much more.

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