The secret of successful writing.


Published writer or amateur, sometimes we all need reminding.







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  1. sallyparkrubin


  2. sallyparkrubin

    Meg, Seriously, I’m doubled over. Thanks for this! Hugs across the pond, Sal

  3. G P Jackson

    LOL! I needed this reminder! TY

  4. Julia Palmer-Brown


  5. Mark Thornton

    Meg, brilliant. This may be a shock to some writers. And even more of a shock that they need to get up in the morning and start the whole process over again…

  6. Jane McLoughlin

    The funniest and truest thing I’ve ever read or seen about writing. Time to shed some more blood…

  7. Jane McLoughlin

    The funniest and truest thing I’ve ever read or seen about writing. Thanks, Meg. Time to shed some more blood…

  8. Candy Gourlay

    Exactly my experience!

  9. Diana J Febry

    Ha Ha. So true!

  10. Terry

    Hilarious and true for any worthwhile artistic endeavor.

  11. cathi rae

    i am currently exactly there – digh

  12. cathi rae

    see, cannot even type the word sigh

  13. Marie Sturm

    Ouch! Now I’m really looking forward to today’s work!

    Thanks for reminding me.

  14. Annie Woo

    Thanks for the morning smile.

  15. Barbaroos

    I have seen that hilarious video earlier, on your website in the green block on the right, and now and than I share it with my fellow amateur writing friends. It is hard to imagine that you (Meg) can feel the same after writing so much wonderful novels, but I have to admit it is a relief to know that you do. Sorry!

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  17. Jacqui McVeigh

    Such fun – and blood, sweat and tears!

  18. SF Said

    Oh God yes! That is the best depiction of the writing process I have ever seen!!!

  19. Sandra Danby

    I feel serene, but my husband says this is what I look like.