6 responses to “Beauty Tips for the Seasonally Disgruntled”

  1. Jake Elliott

    Oh my gosh…

  2. Bev Turner

    Brewer’s droop?

  3. Belinda

    I particularly like the hint about dust. Quentin Crisp would have LOVED it.

  4. jackie

    Alternatively live so far away from London that the chance of going to a party, even if your publisher should have one, is about as remote as your geographical location.
    It helps if you have a deadline looming. Fingers in ears, sing lalalalal loud and pretend that Christmas is a hell that happens to other people.

  5. Laura Friedlander

    Far away? Would the Shetland Isles be any good? A week of freezing conditions followed by torretial rain and howling winds. Ferries are on strike, flights disrupted due to weather so you couldn’t get here even if you wanted to. I particularly like hint nummber five -can I make hint number five last for two weeks????

  6. Bazza

    Hi Meg
    Best wishes for Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) and the New Year from Bazza.
    Looking forward to another year of great posts from you.
    Barry & Leah x
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’