28 responses to “Yes, yes I know.”

  1. Anthony McGowan

    Looked at those this evening with Rosie perched on my knee and we were both in fits. The irony is that I actually supplied the ‘script’ for one of the fashion week shows, although not sure if it was any of these.

    1. Lesley Martin

      I’m sure you’d look very fetching in that dress Tony.

  2. adele geras

    And did you see the bloke with half of a wooden fence nailed across his face? Oh dear…

  3. Nicola morgan

    Yes, Adele, and I even smiled slightly at the caption about thinking out of the box…

  4. Mike

    I want those orange-check pants. (No issue about body shape with him, is there?
    But how to describe what that gent in the second pic is wearing. Does the fashion business have a word for it?

    1. raych

      It’s a Little Black Dress, obviously, and I would look AMAZING in it. ‘Scuse me while I rob this guy.

  5. Jo Angell

    Meg, Barney saw this over my shoulder and said ‘err….is that a man? errr…what the f***

  6. Scrapiana

    Thanks, Meg. You just can’t get the staff these days.

    Interesting to see how those department-store Santas earn a living the rest of the year.

  7. Laura Friedlander

    I know models are paid a lot of money, but seriously, how much did they have to pay the guy (?) to wear the little black dress? Or did he do it for a bet?

    1. bookwitch

      His face says ‘On Monday I’m looking for a new job.’

      1. Meg

        It does say that.

  8. Cate McKay-Haynes

    How dare you laugh at my mum and dad?! They’re just trying to earn a crust.

  9. Mik

    I think the ‘hairy old buffer’ look is one I could adopt as my own

    1. Meg

      Mik, actually I saw you in the dress.

      1. Mik

        Mmm.. I see what you mean but I’m not sure I carry off black and grey.

  10. Girl Friday

    I like the old man, he looks straight out of a children’s book :) The less said about the second one the better, though…

  11. Yellow Jane

    Top one reminds me of a Dwarf-Dumbledore hybrid!

  12. Tamzin

    Are we sure this isn’t a “Before and After” of the same man: how embracing fashion can change your life, affect your self-esteem and make you a better person!

    1. Mik Bedson

      Tamzin. Are you saying I would be a better person if I wore a frock? Is this done neo-feminist thing ?

  13. Barbaroos

    Halleluja, there you are again Meg. Great pics.
    BTW, how is your new book going? Could you share something about how you manage to ‘fabricate’/’invent’ the plot/structure of a story? I try to write too and most of the time I end up with a main character experiencing some great adventures, but not going anywhere. Can’t get grip of the conflict, of the need, of the drive. Could you share a tiny litte bit of how you proceed? (please excuse my English, I am Dutch).

  14. Barbaroos

    Not litte, but little.

  15. Amber

    Not fashion… but are you planning on teaching any courses this year? Your diary is so 2011, darling.

  16. Bazza

    I think the PR people who write the Blog for have been very remiss. You should have used Max Clifford!
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  17. Caroline Coxon

    Hey Meg, Yesterday, someone I don’t know made my day by giving my blog a Sunshine Award for…well…bringing some sunshine to her life every day. That’s what your blog does/did for me – so I’m nominating you – because I miss your blogs. No pressure!

    I hope everything’s going swimmingly. Frantically exciting about the film. Writing screenplays? Riding horses?

    Love from Caroline