How I Live Now

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That rare, rare thing, a first novel with a sustained, magical and utterly faultless voice. After five pages, I knew she could persuade me to believe anything.”
— Mark Haddon

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Daring, wise, and sensitive.”
— People magazine

Powerful and engaging …a likely future classic.”
— The Observer (UK)

A crunchily perfect knock-out of a debut novel.”
— The Guardian (UK)


  • Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize 2004
  • Branford Boase Award 2005
  • Michael L. Printz Award 2005
  • Der Luchs des Jahres Book Prize 2005
  • Julia Ward Howe Prize (Boston Authors Club) 2005

179 responses to “How I Live Now”

  1. Lauren

    I’ve just finished ‘How I Live Now’ and I can safely say that it has become my favourite book, I honestly don’t know why I didn’t read it sooner. I lost my mum a few years ago so in chapter 5 when Daisy talks about the way people react to things like that happening it made me laugh because it’s exactly the way I feel! I have my friends waiting in a line to read it now so thank you for writing such an brilliant and touching story! I can’t wait for the film now, I’m just glad I read the book first.

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  3. Natalie

    Meg, I have finished reading How I Live Now for the 7th time and yet i still want to keep reading. It is absolutely, positively my favourite novel. I base it on all of my school book reports and my friends are annoyed that I keep talking about it. I LOVE How I Live Now!

  4. Heather

    I read this book in my Adolescent Literature class at Applachian State Univeristy in Boone, North Carolina. I was able to suggest this book to my department chair at the high school I teach at, and they bought a class set!! My Creative Writing class (the first class to read it at my school) is just finishing this text. They absolutely love it, and I can’t wait to discuss the book with them tomorrow. We have so many questions!! Why does Daisy choose to capitalize certain words, but not the word god? My students seem to think that it is your choice, not Daisy’s, to do this. Could we perhaps compile a list of questions for you? You are very talented!!

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  6. Daisy

    I adored this book. Totally engrossing and wonderfully told. I’ve recommended it to all my friends. So excited about the film but I doubt it could ever be as good as the book.

  7. Marti B

    Hi Meg Rosoff. I remembered the book you made of ”How I Live Now” when I was 16-17 (year 2005/2006) back from my college days and I absolutely loved it! Just now I’ve seen the film advert in Facebook and I am quite excited to watch it. Even so, I’d love to read this story again… lol. Very well done! X..x…

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