There Is No Dog

One must simply revel in the joyful singularity of Rosoff’s latest masterpiece.
—The Guardian

—Anthony Horowitz

Meg Rosoff has the gift of being able to talk to the reader with a directness that goes like an arrow to the heart. My top choice for summer, it’s an astounding crossover novel. Profoundly funny, a masterpiece not to be missed.
—The Times

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Life: An Exploded Diagram has a good chance of next year’s Carnegie Medal if There Is No Dog by Meg Rosoff does not get there first. I look forward to Rosoff’s novels because they are all so different, and this story of the world in the hands of a feckless and hormone-driven male has the spine-tingling weirdness of Just in Case, her existing Carnegie winner, which also explored the mind of an obsessive teenage boy. In the new novel, the boy in question is God, who created the world in a manner that suggests he was on Facebook with a hangover at the time.
—The Observer

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There aren’t many authors who, like Meg Rosoff, can claim to be read with equal delight by children and adults. There Is No Dog is zany, clever, and loopily enjoyable, and explores some of the themes that have haunted Rosoff throughout her career: identity, love, trauma and the madness of being a teenager.

One must simply revel in the joyful singularity of Rosoff’s latest masterpiece.
—The Telegraph

Rosoff is a brave and uncompromising novelist, with an excellent track record for writing edgy, uncomfortable but memorable stories. This latest effort is certainly all of those.

19 responses to “There Is No Dog”

  1. Tamzin

    Meg! I just finished your newest book “There is No Dog” and it utterly enchanted and amused me, made me laugh and cry (sometimes cry with laughter) and I loved it. Thank you so much for it, I’m so glad you woke up one day and thought “what if God were a teenage boy”. It was a brilliant read. Congratulations! I’m already looking forward to the next one. Tamzin xo

  2. Jamieson Wolf

    Have this queued up on my eReader ready to go as soon as I finish Vamoose! So this means I’ll be reading There Is No Dog over the weekend! Bliss!


  3. Rachel

    I have just finished reading your book after i spotted its amazing cover on the shelf. I dont know who ever said to never judge a book by its cover – this book was AMAZING. Thanks for adding yet another great book to the world ^^

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  5. jozefien

    :) jeej! I just got the book, I am very excited! The t-shirt would suit me well; being dyslexic. I am sure it will be, again, one of those books I lock in my heart.

  6. Kat

    my mum just handed me ‘there is no dog’!!!! yey!!! i cant believe it but its signed! by you!!wahoo!! i really want to read it, but my mum says i have to do my homework first becuase i know once i start ill get completely adicted!!!xxthanks!

  7. Mel

    My 8 year old daughter selected this book today, because, well, she loves dogs. It was in the children’s section of the bookshop, next to “nanny piggins” and “warriors”. I flicked through it and suggested to the shop owner that it wasn’t a children’s book and was possibly suited to older teenagers, but she curtly informed me that it was junior fiction, and she put it back on the shelf. I’m not sure that “fantasising about soapy sex” is appropriate for 8 year olds? Can someone tell me what age group this book is aimed at? (I don’t have a problem with the content, I was just shocked to find it in the 8-10yr old section, surely this is a mistake?)

  8. Mel

    You’re right, if I had bought it for her, she would have read the first few pages and then come back to me 5 minutes later and said “mum, this is gross”. And then I would have been really irritated that I had spent 15 bucks on a book that she didn’t want to read :-)
    Thanks for clarifying, I feel vindicated now. Silly book shop woman!!

  9. Mel

    I’ll look out for it :-) thanks

  10. Shereen

    i just read this book, and i loved it so much
    especially the character Mr B, as i never thought he would make much of a difference to how i felt whilst reading, but unexpectedly he really did..
    i know this is wayyyyy too early to ask, but is there going to be another book soon, because i love all your books, which is weird because before I never really used to read that much, and then after reading just in case, then i just read all of them and then loads of other books.
    sorry babbling, anyway just wanted to say I really enjoyed reading this book and look forward to rereading it again and again 😉

  11. Alicia

    Is the teeshirt pictured on this sight available to be bought? My son would love it.

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