Jumpy Jack & Googily


Jumpy Jack and Googily may seem unlikely pair of friends but each looks after the other. Jumpy Jack is particularly worried about monsters that are lurking ready to frighten him, but luckily Googily is fearless and happy to do regular monster checks wherever they go. Written by award-winning author Meg Rosoff and illustrated Sophie Blackall.

“Jumpy Jack is a snail with buck teeth and a paralyzing fear of monsters. His friend Googily is a round, blue creature with sharp teeth, wild eyebrows, tentacle-like fingers, a bowler hat, and a kind heart. The interplay between the two creates a wonderfully safe space for children to explore their fears. The text employs a formal elevated tone that gently chides Jumpy Jack’s childish fears, adding an element of dry humor. The illustrations are filled with whimsical details, from Googily’s dapper wardrobe to the characters’ matching dolls. The calm, slightly muted palette, along with the friendly expressiveness of the protagonists’ faces, sends the subtle message that there is truly nothing here to fear. Starred Review”
—School Library Journal

“Mistaken monsters is a picture-book subgenre all its own, but the considerable talents of Rosoff and Blackall elevate this from the rest. Cavorting on creamy-colored backgrounds, the fang-toothed, blue-skinned Googily and timid Jumpy Jack milk all the deadpan humor out of the situation. Young ones will adore getting the joke and perceiving themselves smarter than the protagonists.”