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Writing & Interviews

All the Harvey Weinsteins I’ve ever worked for – and why I kept quiet

13 Oct 2017, The Guardian by Meg Rosoff

Judging the PEN prison writing competition

20 Feb 2015, Guardian Books by Meg Rosoff

SCBWI Interview 2016

01 Dec 2016, Words & Pictures by J.H. Abrams

Words for Life

03 May 2018, The National Literacy Trust by Meg Rosoff

What Richard Dawkins could learn from Goldilocks and the Three Bears

15 Sep 2017, Guardian Books by Meg Rosoff

Mal Peet - A Remembrance

04 Mar 2015, Guardian Books by Meg Rosoff

My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell

10 Apr 2016, Guardian Books by Meg Rosoff


On Finishing Mal Peet’s Last Novel

12 Aug 2016, Guardian Books by Meg Rosoff

The 2015 Philippa Pearce Lecture

12 Sep 2015, Homerton College, Cambridge by Meg Rosoff

Art and the Unconscious

05 Aug 2016, BBC Two Artsnight by Meg Rosoff

Radio 4 A Good Read with Alexei Sayle

21 Nov 2017, BBC Radio 4 with Harriett Gilbert


Press & Reviews

Mal Peet and Beck

11 Apr 2017, Publishers Weekly by Sue Corbett

Interview - Meg Rosoff: 'It took 12 years for the hate to compost down into comedy’

13 Feb 2016, Guardian Books by Claire Armitstead

Meg Rosoff interview: The author on sexism in advertising, washing in the sea, and why you should leave your job

20 Feb 2016, The Independent by Nick Duerden


Working in an office, for morons, is what most of us do

06 Mar 2016, The Ipswich Star by Steve Russell

Rosoff Slams Government For ‘assault on childhood’

30 May 2016, The Bookseller by Lisa Campbell

Jonathan Unleashed by Meg Rosoff, review: 'extremely funny'

12 Feb 2016, The Telegraph by James Walton