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OK, I'm gonna try again.  It's been so long since My Webmaster (I love saying those two words) taught me to post that I've more or less forgotten how.  Look, I know it's not hard, but I have one of those brains that starts thinking about other stuff when people start explaining site stats and Save To Draft.  On the other hand, just gabbing?  Yeah, good at that. Not sure I can do this everyday.  Especially as I'm determined to finish the %^$£&*@ book if it kills me.  And soon.  Should I have just said "buggering" and damned the torpedos?  Does a teen writer have responsibility for good and proper language?  We won't be tolerating poor English on this blog, but seven letter words are probably OK.  I'm gonna see if I can post this now.  If you're looking at it, it means I succeeded.  Oh wait!  Just to keep up my practice, I'm going to add a picture of a bird.  Here goes nothing:

Kinda wonky, but it worked!

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