Just got my contract copies of Vamoose! and in this case, I do really love the cover. And while searching for a picture of the cover online, I actually found a review! Cool. Now, I don't know about most authors, but I never have a clue what my books are about until the reviewers tell me, so I was particularly pleased about this little blurb (possibly written by Julia Eccleshare?), because every time I try to describe the book, it sounds like a creepy parable about the evils of teen pregnancy.  Which I swear it's not.

Aw, what do I know?  Maybe it is.

"Prize-winning author Meg Rosoff’s Vamoose!, a brilliant black comedy on the ups and downs of having any new baby but especially one who is different, is a gem. When a teen mum gives birth to a moose she and her partner have to listen to loads of patronising advice from well meaning officials. Much of what Rosoff parodies is a commentary on society’s current obsession with creating perfect and high achieving children. It is hilarious and thought provoking." Love Reading 4 Kids