The Bride's Farewell, Now Available in Blonde.

Bride's Farewell

Oh dear. Forgot to mention that I have a new paperback out -- and isn't that just typical? I mean, aren't we all supposed to be ruthlessly flogging our books? Isn't that why we blog? I dunno. Too many years in advertising for me to worry about sales sales sales. But it is NEW AND IMPROVED, and Pell has gone from being dark and brooding to being blonde and windswept.

I've got all new covers in fact, and I am very interested in your opinion. If you've read the books, do they feel right? If you haven't, do the new covers make you want to read them?

As I may have mentioned before, the subject of covers has the power to turn perfectly sane sensible authors into ranting maniacs.

Oops. Did I say sane and sensible? I'm not sure I've ever met an author like that.

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