God works in mysterious ways.


First, He (or She) starts getting you used to the idea by turning down the sunshine. Turning it off, pretty much. Then adds lots of rain, so that you want to huddle indoors and wear actual cozy sweaters, some of which you have to go out and buy (yay!). Then He adds wind, and socks. And suddenly you're feeling all September-y, and not in a bad way. So, it may still technically be August, but I'm ready to add a few layers of clothing, swap sandals for boots and get back to real life.

I've always loved autumn. I think it may be because I was born in October. But in any case, here are a few reasons to be cheerful, for those of you dreading the cold dark months ahead.

  1. "Conservative glamour, chic urban warriors, eccentric color combinations" (honestly, that's what Vogue told me)

  2. Stew.

  3. Back to school (even all-new sports kit is cheaper than the infinite number of trashy teen magazines I've been financing)

  4. Rain (as good an excuse as any to stay home and work)

  5. Films (anyone else sick to death of summer films with names like My Big Fat Greek IVF Baby starring Jennifer Aniston and Russell Brand? PLEASE. Bring on the academy award contenders.)

  6. Stripey scarves. Yummmm.