Literary Art for Sale

43Joyce Dunbar

This is your big chance to own an original work of art by John Burningham, Catherine Anholt, Esther Freud, David McKee, Anthony Horowitz, Polly Dunbar, Helen Oxenbury, Maureen Lipman, Bill Oddie, Sean Bean and lots lots more. Oh, and me. It's for an amazingly good cause -- the St Elizabeth Hospice in Suffolk, of which I'm a patron -- and I can report firsthand that it's an extraordinary place.  They're all painted on canvas (deckchairs, in fact, but look absolutely wonderful hanging on the wall and could also be remounted).  You can bid through the website, by phone, or in person, and there's not much time left.  Details here.

It's fairly easy to tell the writers from the artists, which is why I've mostly shown artists' work here. But in case you couldn't guess, mine is the blue one on the left, and the line is the last line of What I Was -- which is cribbed from my favourite Yeats poem, Sailing To Byzantium.

As it's such a good cause, and as so many of them are so beautiful, I've bid on a number myself. Won't tell you which....

38Emma Ball
David McKee's Mr Benn
Polly Dunbar
John Burningham
Meg Rosoff