My subconscious and I get to talking

MEG: OK.  So the guy in the book has disappeared.  Why has he disappeared? SUBCONSCIOUS:  How should I know.

M: What kind of an answer is that?  Think!  Why would a middle aged guy with a good job, a beautiful house and a new baby just walk out, just like that?

S: It's your book.

M: It's our book, actually.

S:  Look, I've got stuff to process. Emotions. Grudges. Symbolism. I don't have anything left for plot.


M: Would more fish help?

S:  I don't even like fish that much.

M: Sudoku?

S:  Pointless puzzles? Think again.

M: Look, I'm going to sleep now. Work on it tonight so I've got a solution when I wake up.

S:  You're kidding, right?  You sleep while I slave? This relationship isn't working.

M: You wanna join a union?

S: I just might.

M: Fine.

S:  Fine.

M: You want some aspirin?

S:  Now you're nice.