It's been ages since I've had one of these dreams. It's the one where you have to get somewhere and you miss first one train, then another, then when you finally manage to get on the next train, you only travel for half an hour before it catches fire and everyone has to get off, and you don't know which gate everyone was transferred to because you weren't paying attention, and now it's 9pm and you were supposed to be there at 7, and if you don't do something you'll miss the whole thing, so you go to get a taxi, but then realize you left your bag on the burning train so have no money.

I woke up this morning shaken and relieved to be conscious, but the dream stayed with me all day.

Having started writing again yesterday after weeks spent doing other things, I wonder what the dream was trying to say.

Here's my guess:

Get moving. Pay attention. Remember your destination. Focus. Climb back on the train. Stop messing around. (For pity's sake.)

Otherwise you're going nowhere.