How I Live Now film news


The thing I kept saying was, "We'll be shooting this summer."  And then a minute or two ago I looked around and realized it WAS summer. Isn't time sneaky? So it turns out we won't be shooting this summer.  Spring 2012 is the new estimate.

In the meantime, casting is continuing apace and Edmond is (apparently) still the trickiest character to cast. (Does anyone remember the panic before the first Harry Potter film? And Daniel Radcliffe's 11th hour appearance in the role, despite his parents' initial unwillingness to let him audition?)

That's all I know right now. Except that I'm managing to pass the time quite nicely catching up on How I Live Now director Kevin MacDonald's recent films, including the just-released (and riveting) Life In A Day, which he created out of nearly five thousand hours of video footage from around the world -- all shot on July 24, 2010.

And I am, of course, still very excited. In the words of the immortal Samuel Beckett (who wrote the book on waiting, after all):

"Better hope deferred than none. Up to a point."