WAFOT (wacky acronyms for our time)

Dear Mumsnet, I have just discovered the list of commonly used acronyms on your website.

Well who knew?

NAK (Nursing at Keyboard)? Wow. I once spilled a whole cup of coffee on my laptop and this sounds potentially worse.  VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section)? Is there a lot of call for that one in everyday parlance? PFB (precious first born). Wouldn't we all get more use out of ROUDSFB (really annoying and usually disobedient first born)?

I'm the first to admit that too much irony (TMI) has a deadening effect on humanity, but is it possible to type NAK on a public forum without giggling uncontrollably?

In any case, it just doesn't seem fair that you guys get to make up all the fun acronyms so I've decided to add a few of my own.

  • GSLN (got some last night).

  • WFTCUTM (whoops! Forgot to change underpants this morning).

  • TOJTC (thinking of joining the circus).

  • FIFDAA (fancying inappropriate foreigner despite advanced age).

  • PSIETD (petrol sure is expensive these days).

That's all for now folks.  This is getting silly.  (TAFNF.  TIGS.)

Thanks for listening (TFL),