Something to make you happy, something to make you...furious.

Have a look at this.

It turns out to be an ad for something or other -- but I don't care; it's fantastic.

Speaking of advertising, I've been thinking about my past career today, possibly because the news is full of 49% pay rises for UK top bosses while spending on education, health and social welfare is slashed.

It reminds me of the CEO at one of the ad agencies I worked for who ran huge chunks of the business into the ground while waiting for his 100% salary retirement deal to kick in at age 55. Yes, 100% of his final salary (I'm guessing £500,000-£1million) every year for the rest of his life. Lucky old him.

And no, it wasn't this guy. But while we're on the subject of WPP, try googling 'Martin Sorrell and Charitable Giving' -- not a lot comes up. You'd think he might support good causes, what with WPP being registered in Jersey and all. I mean, think about how much his business is saving by paying only about 6% tax on their £9.3 billion revenue!

Or compare Martin Sorrell to Bill and Melinda Gates, who at last count have given $28 billion to charity.

Just a little train of thought.

Now, back to work.