No, this is not spam. If it were, you can imagine what sort of books you'd get for free. Books with titles like How To Marry A Sexy Girl You've Never Met or Best Penis Extensions (while we're on that subject, why do I get those e-mails? Do you know any insecure middle-aged men named Meg?) or Make Thousands at Home While You Doze and Sip Red Wine (I ordered that book on the off chance that it wasn't spam). Dear Reader, these are real books.  Books like Pride and Prejudice, Remains of the Day, Small Island, The Book Thief.

On World Book Night (April 23rd, 2012), one million books will be given away free. Including 20,000 copies of How I Live Now. Absolutely free!

So if you haven't read it, and don't mind standing out in the cold for three months to save £5.99, start queuing now.