Answers to frequently asked questions

1. He hasn't yet been cast.  A certain ethereal quality mixed with intelligence and compassion behind the eyes that everyone will know when they see it. Isaac, his twin brother, has been written out of the film.

2. About four hours a day, depending where I am in a book. Two hours max at any one stretch.

3. Very well, thank you. I haven't fallen off and it's been three months now. And there have been a fair few opportunities to do so.

4. Almost never, with the exception of Sherlock and occasionally Countdown.

5. "If you set out to take Vienna, take Vienna." Napoleon Bonaparte

6. Picture Me Gone, about a man and his daughter searching for his old friend in upper New York State. If you have an idea for my next book, please do not hesitate to contact me. Usual rates paid.

7. Two hairy lurchers, one large chestnut Irish Sport Horse.

8.  Fourteen. She generally prefers dystopian trash but recommends There Is No Dog.

9. The Guardian, The Week, The New Yorker, Horse & Rider, the Weekend FT.

10. Stefan Sweig, The World of Yesterday. About 300 pages to go.

11. Never.

12. Simon Russell Beale, Eddie Izzard

13. The coast of Suffolk. Really nice sheets. Hilary Mantel.