"One of the almost nonexistent real authors."


You know me, dear blogees.  I'm not one to blow my own modest little brass trumpet. Nevertheless.

Every once in a while a fan letter appears that just makes a person smile.

Which is what this one does. (The book in question, by the way, is Just In Case. I'll explain it to him later.)

omg i love this book but it hurt my head. i didn't even finish it there came a point in time where i was reading it at 4 am and i just got up and put it up. i felt confused and literally felt as if i was going insane and schizophrenic with justin. and i commend(?) you for this because only the best of authors can push me into a characters being and make them a part of me. i love your way of writing and how it throws the reader into the story. i also love your book how i live now. i believe you're one of the almost nonexistent real authors."

I always wanted to be a nonexistent mythical sort of  beast.