It's World Book Night!

No no no, I mean, it's the morning of World Book Night, which means you still have hours to decide what you're going to wear. I thought I'd borrow my daughter's Cat in the Hat outfit, one of my few forays into Proper Motherhood.  (Yes, I made it. Just look at those 3 fingered gloves and you'll see that neglect is not my parenting policy 100% of the time.)

Twenty-five thousand copies of How I Live Now will be given away free later today, along with books by Jane Austen, Andrea Levy, Roald Dahl, Stephen King's the list.

So all you guys who've been putting off reading because you just can't afford a book, or can't afford the time to read a book, or can't be bothered what with all the ironing and social whirl, now's your chance.

My daughter's hoping for a Sophie Kinsella.

I try not to judge.

OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER: This photo has been used without the permission of said child, who is now far more glamorous and elegant and wouldn't be caught dead in a Cat in the Hat suit, proving that this is simply one more example of negligent and insensitive parenting. Obv.