I know a few more things about the How I Live Now Film

1.  The boy playing Edmond, (who is also known as Eddie, and kind of incorporates Isaac from the novel, in other words, is a bit different from the book), is an actor called George MacKay.  He's not quite what I imagined, but I've had it on excellent authority that he and Saoirse are magic together. 2.  The boy playing Isaac (who sort of incorporates Osbert, who's been written out of the film), is an ex-Billy Elliott called Tom Holland.

3.  We already knew that Saoirse Ronan would be Daisy.

4.   The film is shooting on location in a remote part of Wales. West of Brecon.

5.  The screenplay, though quite different in many ways from the book, is very good. Emotional, modern, romantic, very English.  (My husband didn't like the presence of Morris Dancers in one scene, but that struck me as a fairly minor detail.)

6.  Edmond (Eddie) is a bird of prey handler (now why didn't I think of that?)

7.  Daisy and Edmond are still cousins.

8.  A main character who survived the book fails to survive in the film, but it would be wrong to tell you who dies.

9.  The director remains Kevin MacDonald. Who is amazing.

10. The film starts shooting in approximately 10 days.

11.  I'm not nervous, really I'm not.