Does anyone else remember....

  1. When wasting time at work involved reading the newspaper and writing letters?

  2. White tennis balls?

  3. Why you came upstairs?

  4. Where you were when Kennedy was shot?

  5. Having to hang your clothes in the shower to get rid of the cigarette smell?

  6. The first time The New Yorker printed a photograph?

  7. When AIDs was a death sentence?

  8. Queuing for a phone box with your pocket full of coins?

  9. Navy blue PF flyers with white crescents on the toes?

  10. Stacks of love letters?

  11. Buying a bottle of wine from the pub?

  12. When McDonald's had a sign that said "We have sold over 1 million"?

I started thinking about this and wondered what else might end up being a thing of the past.

Like cancer.

Or books.