America's sex life under threat by Republican goons.

Once again, me hearties, the news this week makes me proud proud proud to be a human bean. While the Republican party in America swings so far to the right that they're in danger of sailing the ship of state off the edge of the known world, our own dear Tory minister for health has suggested that the time limit on abortion be reduced in a "modest" way from twenty four weeks to, um, twelve.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney's adorable running mate, Paul Ryan, would like to see legislation banning abortion in cases including rape, incest and where the mother's life is in danger -- and, oh yes, he would also restrict access to contraception. Romney, with a keen sense of what might.…just…possibly limit his appeal to 50% of the electorate -- would merely overturn Roe vs Wade and immediately remove all funding to Planned Parenthood (the nation's leading sexual and reproduction health care provider and advocate which offers education, advice, contraception, HIV screening, cancer screening, counselling, contraception and abortion access to all -- including those with no health cover). And oh yes, he does believe in abortion for women who've been raped.

Good on you, Mitt.

Is anyone else feeling a bit dizzy from the speed of history flying backwards on women's rights?

Thank goodness for Julia Gillard, Australian Prime Minister, and her brilliantly passionate attack on the leader of the opposition. "I will not be lectured on sexism and misogyny by this man."

Come on, Obama. Follow Julia's example. Stand up and let us know what you believe. Or at least what you used to believe, before four years of being nibbled to death by vipers.