The Home Stretch

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The Home Stretch might be an overstatement, but I like a horse metaphor and the end is more or less in sight.  I know, because I've started leaving the house. When things are going really badly, I tend to pace around seeking useless displacement activity at home. It's a bit like studying for an exam. You may not actually be studying, but you can't quite bring yourself to do anything else either.

Here are the things that have fallen through the cracks while trying to finish my book:

  1. Letter from VW a few months ago suggested we URGENTLY replace vital something-or-other part, which will result in engine explosion and certain death. Can't find letter.

  2. Child's vision has deteriorated. Have suggested she develop squint.

  3. While searching in closet for glamorous summer clothes, discovered I have none.

  4. Have neglected to answer months worth of fan letter (sic).

Now that I look at the list, I may as well go back and do another revision.