I have just received the most perfect letter from a fan.


Here it is, in its entirety. Hi Meg, I hope you are well. I have found some unusual words and wondered if you had heard of them? nelipot - someone who walks without shoes estrapade - a horse who attempts to remove its rider brevirostrate - having a short nose batrachophagons-one who eats frogs Will your new book be suitable for my age? I have been given some Eva Ibbotsen books, Do you like her? I hope to hear from you soon, from Immie xxx

Why is this the perfect letter? Because it is full of interesting new information that also happens to make me smile.  It does not ask me to explain all the themes of my books or say where I get my ideas.  It is short and to the point.  And even if I hadn't already met Immie (9) and realized that I liked her a lot, I would have known that she is a person worth paying attention to, and possibly being lifelong friends with, on the basis of her e-mail.

Thanks, Immie.  And though I do think the new book might be a bit tricky for you, when you ARE ready to read it, I'll be more than happy to send you a copy.


p.s. One of my favourite words is koumpounophobia, which means fear of buttons.