The Writer's Enemies


1.  The clock.  Seven more hours in every day would be just about perfect. 2.  The fridge.  The siren call.

3.  The pram in the hall. So rude to shout "will you please shut up and go away!" to your only child. But so necessary.

4.  The market.  As in, the book market.  As in, "Have you thought about writing a series? Marketing thinks it's a brilliant idea."

5.  The pets.  Why can't they walk themselves?  Surely they know how to get to the park by now.

6.  The blog.  (For anyone who doesn't blog, I feel I should reveal that I have a graph that tells me how many people have come to visit each day. The downward dip of the graph is like the snap of a whip. Blog more! Blog faster!)

7.  The book. There are days I would cheerfully chop it off at the knees and shove it in a hole if I thought I could get away with it.

8. Rage.  I could write a whole long explanation about rage, but if you're a writer, you'll know what I mean.

Coming soon to this blog!  The Writer's Friends!