The Writer's Friends

1.  The World.  Though it's difficult most days to stand up, walk out, and get in it. 2.  Tea.  How do Americans survive 4pm, otherwise known as Heartbreak Hill? Coffee, I suppose.


3.  Pets.  Nothing like the wuffing of a drowsy post-walk lurcher (or French bulldog).

4.  Agents and editors who GET IT.  Not the other sort.

5.  Heartbreak, joy, depression, madness, disaster, elation. Fodder.

6.  The Book, for occasionally coming out right.

7.  The book you wish you'd written.  To aim for.

8.  Horses.  For riding/writing metaphors.

9.  Children.  Why else would you need to sell so many books?

10.  The career from hell that pays the bills.  So as not to starve before getting famous and looking back fondly.

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