Bella and Peta are so last year.

Hello dear loyal bloggees. I know you depend on me for the latest and hottest trends in everything from literature to haute couture -- and today I shall not disappoint you. Yes, I have compiled a list of some of the most exotic and cutting edge baby names from around the world, all of which are available for your next hero, villain or dystopian dictator. Each of these names is guaranteed genuine (punctuation included) and has been tested on a genuine baby.

  1. NZ (a bit of nostalgia, perhaps, for a displaced Down Under sort, or a variation on the ever-popular India, China and Brooklyn?)

  2. Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii (does this name need any further description? I suppose, technically, it counts as a first name with five middle names?)

  3. Yeah Detroit. (Yeah, mom and dad.)

  4. Keenan Got Lucy (I'm afraid I read this numerous times as 'Keenan Got Lucky'. Funnier, but wrong in so many ways.)

  5. Sex Fruit. (Sex Fruit Bellamy, Attorney at Law?)

  6. Number 16 Bus Shelter. (No comment. The mind is too busy boggling.)

  7. 4Real. (And that name is indeed, 4HonestToGoodnessReal.)

  8. Fish and Chips. (Twins. Also Benson and Hedges.)

  9. @ (This name comes from China. I don't know how to say 'at' in Chinese)

  10. Shelia. And She'lia. (Sisters, obv.)

  11. Million'z A'Dolla'z!! (America? Wild guess!!!)

  12. Le-a. (Pronounced Ledasha. Geddit?)

And finally, my absolute favourite, from Sweden:


Pronounced 'Albin'.

But you will have figured that out.