What I'll miss

When screenwriter and all-round New York top citizen Nora Ephron died last month, everyone reprinted the "What I'll Miss" and "What I Won't Misss" lists from her 2010 book "I Remember Nothing." Here are some of my thoughts on the subject.

What I won't miss:

  1. E-mails

  2. To-Do lists

  3. Cooking dinner

  4. "I've attached my 250,000 word manuscript for you to read..."

  5. Uncomfortable shoes

  6. Folding fitted sheets

  7. The alarm clock

  8. The news

  9. Parking tickets

  10. "Your call is important to us..."

  11. The Archers

  12. Reality

  13. Mosquitos

What I'll miss:

  1. About 22 people in total

  2. Working in bed

  3. A nice walk to canter transition

  4. Going to the movies

  5. Dogs

  6. Blogging

  7. What might happen tomorrow

  8. Rain

  9. Swimming in the North Sea

  10. The upper deck of the 19 bus

  11. The BBC

  12. Reading in bed

  13. Laughing at (sorry with) Andy Stanton

  14. Hampstead Heath

  15. Toast with gooseberry jam

  16. The moon

Sometimes you just gotta make a list.