First picture of Saoirse Ronan on the set of How I Live Now.


I just want my loyal fans to know HOW up on latest fashions I am.

Oh yes.

When I saw Saoirse Ronan on set in this amazing cardigan, I said to myself, "Self, that is not the sort of everyday item one picks up on Oxford Street here in provincial old London, oh noooooo.  That fabulous cardie is the product of a sophisticated wardrobe person's eagle eye, a wardrobe person who obviously traveled all the way to New York City to find some obscure designer whose work simply screams NEW YORK! thus adding to the overall veracity and astonishing attention to detail typical of this film shoot."

Yes indeed, my friends, I have some eye for fashion.

However. It turns out to be Top Shop after all. Also available in New York City.

And where else would our Daisy shop?

p.s. the fact that I have not mentioned yet again how astonishingly beautiful and talented our lead actress is, merely reflects the principle that you don't need to tell a person eating a plate of white truffle pasta that it's delicious. They know.